One of the niggles I hear from authors time and time again is figuring out what to post on social media. Beyond promoting books and mailing lists, authors can sometimes struggle to work out what other content to put out there. Worse still, this struggle can cause authors to give up and simply fall back on promotional posts and asks. So, what else can you post on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever else you have an active author presence?

How about sharing the things you love? I’m not talking about your other half or your children, although pets can be a great way to open up your life to your readers without ripping the wrapper off completely. You’ll often see photos of my pooch, Bailey, on my accounts, especially Instagram.

Sharing the things you love means posting about all the interests, opinions, and topics that make you, well, you. For instance, I read fantasy as well as write that genre, so I’ll often share book reviews of fantasy novels I’ve enjoyed. I’m also intrigued by folklore, mythology, and magic, so I’ll happily share a post by someone else on any of those topics.

Still unconvinced? Here are five reasons why sharing what you love could be the ideal way to fill your social media feeds.

Build your brand

Branding is about familiarity, expectations, and recognition. Your brand sets you apart from other authors and appeals to your ideal reader.

From a social media point of view, a consistent author brand includes matching visuals (like your social media profile photo and banners), using the same tone of voice (you) in all of your posts, and talking about subjects that align with your brand’s message. Those subjects include the things you love, whether that’s your cat, your fascination with a particular genre, or your hobby of creating flowery sunhats for horses.

Boost your content

Beyond telling everyone about your books, asking for reader reviews, and pointing to your mailing list sign-up page, it can sometimes be a struggle to throw in posts that aren’t an ‘ask’. Sharing what you love solves this problem. Plus, if your audience is made up of your best fit readers, they’re sure to be interested in what you find interesting.

And remember, sharing what you love doesn’t have to mean creating your own content; it can just as easily be sharing someone else’s post.

Grow your audience

When you share what you love, you attract the type of people who agree with your take on life. They understand you. An audience made up of sympathetic souls who appreciate what you have to say are much more likely to act as cheerleaders for you and your books.

Open a conversation

Social media posts where you share what you love will generally offer a greater potential for interaction with your audience. Beyond likes and loves, people are happier to share their own loves when you open up about yours.

For instance, post a photo about the pet that you adore and ask others to show you their pets. Most people get soppy over animals and a pic of your pooch or kitten is a sure-fire way to stop Tweeters and Instagrammers scrolling through their feed.

Have a little fun

Putting all the sensible, audience-building, brand-developing advice aside, it’s fun to share what you love because it’s an expression of what makes your heart sing. It’s real and meaningful, and simply ‘you’.


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