Why did you become an author? I bet it wasn’t to spend hours marketing your books. That’s the problem with being an author these days.

Even if you are traditionally published by one of the Big publishers, you are still expected to:

  • have an author platform and brand
  • constantly promote your book(s) to your readers
  • guest blog/podcast
  • show up regularly on social media to talk to your readership
  • build a mailing list

Where’s the time to write your books?

I’m a published author myself so I understand the dilemma that we all face as authors wanting to make our dream into a life-long career.

So how can I help?

One of the biggest drains of an author’s time is social media. Should you be on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, or all of them? How often should you show up? What’s the right mix of ‘buy my book’ posts and retweets of other authors?

The answers to all of the above will depend on you, your books and what you feel comfortable with.

I can work with you to figure all of that out. I can provide a regular and relevant social media service for you, or I can help you to develop a social media plan that you can carry out yourself with a few time-saving tips I’ve landed on through my own book marketing experience.

Either way, I can help you claw back time to write your books, and not just Tweets and Facebook posts.

What next?

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