As authors, we’re told to create content to entertain the readers who are already part of our audience and to attract new readers too. While that’s brilliant advice, it can be easy to forget that we’re just one of a whole community of authors and that authors are readers too. More than that, they’re often a large portion of our support network.

Why should authors appreciate other authors?

Why should you show any appreciation to other authors, especially those who are your direct competitors? Here’s why:

  • Authors are readers too. Yes, this author is a competitor, but they may also want to read your books.
  • Authors are your tribe. They understand what you are going through and like any network, they can often provide an introduction to people and opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be available to you.
  • Authors love to talk about their trade which means that the writing community is an incredible hub for peer learning and not just about writing. You can learn about marketing, publishing, and so much more writerly stuff.

As an author myself, other authors have been key in boosting my confidence, helping to promote my books, and guiding me through the process that is ‘authorship’.

5 ways to show your appreciation to fellow authors on social media

There are plenty of ways to show your appreciation to other authors on social media. Some will take more time and effort than others, but all of these methods will show that you care.

Just say it

That’s a straightforward one to start with, isn’t it? If you’ve enjoyed an author’s books, they’ve been a great support to your writing career, or they’ve made your life better in some other way, why not just say so? Write a social media post expressing just how wonderful you think they are.

Interviews and guest posts

If an author is looking for people to interview or guest post on their blog, why not put yourself forward? It’s a win-win situation. You get to promote yourself and your books to a new audience and they get more content for their blog.

Or you could interview them or invite that author to guest post on your blog.

Book reviews

This may be an obvious one. As authors, book reviews are what makes our world go round (that and royalty payments) but book reviews don’t have to be restricted to Amazon and Goodreads. Why not post them on your social media channels too?

While you can post the full book review on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter’s character limit makes that a challenge. Why not just post a link to your Amazon or Goodreads book review instead? I tweet links to my Instagram book reviews.

Again, it’s a win-win scenario – the other author receives a book review and you create more content for your social media channels.

Take part in their book launch

If you know an author is about to launch their latest book, why not offer to take part? That might mean:

  • sharing their posts
  • promoting their book launch on your social media channels
  • interviewing them on your blog, which can then be shared on your social media
  • reading an ARC and then posting a book review

This is an especially good one if their book is of interest to your audience. It’s also a great way to gather a group of authors who may help promote your next book launch.

Like, comment, share

This is probably the easiest way to show a little appreciation to your fellow authors. Like their posts. Leave comments. Share their posts, with or without a few words of your own.

You’ll help that author’s social media stats, promote their posts to a wider audience, and provide more good stuff for your own social media channels.


This blog post is all about showing appreciation to your fellow authors but, as you can see, that’s rarely a one-way process. Helping other authors is an ideal way to build a valuable support network for your life as an author.

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