Bat in the Belfry

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white…

A chain of disasters ruins this village wedding – the locked bell tower, the deejaying vicar and the mysteriously absent photographer.


Jackie Nugent, heavily pregnant bride
Leonard Nugent, her father
Laura Nugent, Jackie’s teenage sister and bridesmaid
William Cotterill, the groom
Sheila Cotterill, his grandmother
Auntie Narcissus, Sheila’s younger sister
Steve Burton, best man
Catherine Burton, his wife
Holly Burton, Steve’s teenage sister and bridesmaid
Reverend Ernest Goodfellow
Penny Rider
Claire Hepworth, friend of Laura and Holly

How much does it cost?

Complete murder mystery pack (script, director’s handbook, fundraising sheet, royalty fee for 1 performance) = £70.00

Additional royalty = £20.00 per performance

Reading copy (script only) = £5.00

Additional murderer document = FREE

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