Dead Fit

“Stretch and breathe. Are you with me, ladies?”

Priscilla Vincente, ‘mature’, glamorous aerobics instructor has the world at her well-manicured finger tips. Men fall at her feet. Other women just don’t stand a chance. And as for her aerobics class, she has them just where she wants them (under her thumb and paying for the privilege).

What could possibly spoil it all?


Priscilla Vincente, mature aerobics instructor
Craig Shorthouse, community hall janitor
Zachary Grimshaw
Willa Grimshaw, his wife
Tom Henderson
Nigel Blake
Rachel Armitage
Debbie Armitage, her daughter
Erica Moorhouse
Kelly Smith

How much does it cost?

Complete murder mystery pack (script, director’s handbook, fundraising sheet, royalty fee for 1 performance) = £70.00

Additional royalty = £20.00 per performance

Reading copy (script only) = £5.00

Additional murderer document = FREE

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