Festive Reapings

Things aren’t going well at Fairman’s department store.

The fairy has been sacked. Mysterious items keep turning up in the camping department. Santa is drunk in the gents toilet. And to top it all, there are hardly any visitors to the store Santa’s Grotto.

What else could go wrong?


Joseph Ewell, store manager
Noel Avery, elderly Santa
Mike Hope, elf and replacement Santa
Eve North, Mrs Christmas
Carol Dove, elderly fairy
Natalie Snow, elf
Gabby Bell, elf
Mary Dove, Carol’s niece and head of the fancy dress department

Also available with an additional small female part – Aggie Tinsel, ex fairy.

How much does it cost?

Complete murder mystery pack (script, director’s handbook, fundraising sheet, royalty fee for 1 performance) = £70.00

Additional royalty = £20.00 per performance

Reading copy (script only) = £5.00

Additional murderer document = FREE

Contact fiona@fiphillipscopywriter.com to buy.

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