Third Time Unlucky

When Mindy Marples agreed to cater at the wedding reception of Jack Protheroe and his bride, she never expected the day to end in murder or to take on the role of sleuth.

Third Time Unlucky features a written in detective and a scripted reveal of the guilty party.


Jack Protheroe, groom
Sarah Protheroe (nee Harper), his new bride
Chris Harper, Sarah’s younger brother
Barbara Redding, Jack’s PA
Valerie Dent, Jack’s elderly cousin
Mindy Marples, caterer at Jack and Sarah’s wedding reception

How much does it cost?

Complete murder mystery pack (script, director’s handbook, fundraising sheet, royalty fee for 1 performance) = £70.00

Additional royalty = £20.00 per performance

Reading copy (script only) = £5.00

Additional murderer document = FREE

Contact to buy.

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