Thoroughly Murdered Millie

Set in the 1920s, rich young widow Millie  Harper-Smyth shocks her family, and the staff, with her plans for the future.

Her stepchildren will lose their home, William the butler will be forced to emigrate, and who knows what she has in mind for the gardener?

Can anyone stop her?


Millie Harper-Smythe, rich young widow
Anna Harper-Smythe, Millie’s adult stepdaughter
Jimmy Harper-Smythe, Millie’s adult stepson
Virginia Harper-Smythe, Millie’s elderly sister-in-law
Ruth Boyd, Virginia’s companion and carer
William Jones, butler

How much does it cost?

Complete murder mystery pack (script, director’s handbook, fundraising sheet, royalty fee for 1 performance) = £70.00

Additional royalty = £20.00 per performance

Reading copy (script only) = £5.00

Additional murderer document = FREE

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