This time of the year – the end of November heading into the beginning of December – always seems to me to be a lull in the holiday storm. Halloween and Bonfire Night are out of the way. Christmas and the new year are beckoning to us with their sparkly enticements. As authors, this is the perfect opportunity to take a moment to reflect on the past year and begin to plan for the months to come.

Looking back

What have you achieved this year? I’m not just talking about your social media and content goals, although those are important too.

As an author, has the year gone the way you planned? Have you met your writing goals? What have you published? Books, short stories, articles? Did you publish everything you planned to get out there?

Success as an author can mean many things. What does it mean to you?


  • Which goals did you meet?
  • What were the joys and the highlights of the year?
  • What could you have done better?

Looking ahead

You may not want to fill out your 2022 social media and content plan right now, but why not begin to picture what the future year could look like?

What content do you want to create? That might be blog posts, social media posts, online campaigns, or mailing list newsletters.

What writing do you want to get done? Another book? A piece of writing to be entered in a competition, added to an anthology, or forwarded to a magazine? A play? A white paper?

What do you already know will happen in 2022? That might be the publication of a new book or an important anniversary connected with your author business.

What do you want to happen over the next twelve months? You don’t have to be sensible about this. What do you dream of? Which dreams could you turn into reality?

What does that look like for me?

Looking back as an author, I met the goals of finishing the first draft of my book about social media for authors and landing a publishing deal with Burning Chair Publishing. I also announced it to the world via my copywriting business. I finished the latest draft of my most recent fantasy novel (book 2 in the Haven Chronicles series) too.

The joys and highlights were the publishing deal (obviously) and the brilliant response I received from many of you about my social media service and book for authors.

What could I have done better? The main thing is to have more confidence in myself, both as an author and someone who has something useful to say. I also need to learn to draft faster.

Looking ahead, the dream is to have both books published in 2022. I’ll be beating myself about the head with whatever comes to hand if I don’t manage to turn that dream into a reality over the next twelve months. 

I’ve already started writing book 3 of my fantasy series and planning companion material to my social media book. For now, I’m keeping hush on what that companion material might be while I try out a few alternatives (and yes, I will need ‘lab rat’ authors to test that material out on).

I’m positive but realistic about 2022. Things are moving along at a pace but there’s still plenty of work to be done. Having looked back, I have a good idea of what I need to do better in the new year. Onwards and upwards it is then, with a very strong coffee and a new page turned in my bullet journal.

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