Fi Phillips – Content, Copywriting & Social Media

Friendly content creation and copywriting, with a side order of social media.

How do I do that?

Blog posts for small and medium businesses

Interested in having a business blog but don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you set up a blog when you launched your website, but you rarely post there because you don’t know what to write about or you just don’t have the time and confidence.

Or maybe you don’t think it’s necessary to even have a business blog.

Did you know that a well-run blog can drive your ideal customer to your website and improve how highly you rate in online searches for businesses just like you?

Your business may well survive without a blog but why turn down the chance to increase your online visibility and showcase your expertise?

I can provide regular blog posts that will identify you as an expert in your field, add value to your customers, and promote your business to the right audience.

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Articles for marketing agencies

I can provide articles to suit your or your customers’ needs, taking into account:

  • relevant area of expertise and industry
  • the intended subject matter of the piece
  • keywords
  • tone of voice
  • target audience

I’m happy to carry out the entire research myself or to use sources that you provide.

Areas that I’ve previously written about include legal topics, HR, business tips, careers advice, self employment, trading, and education.

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Social media advice for authors

Want a social media presence but think it will take up too much of your precious time?

Unsure what you should be posting on your social media platforms or which platforms to use?

Maybe you don’t even have an author presence on social media.

No matter how well-written, informative and spectacular your website is, it won’t help your author brand at all unless people know where to find it and have a reason to visit.

I regularly blog and post social media advice to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. I also send out Fi’s Content Catch-Up for Authors at the end of each month, with plenty of tips and advice about social media.

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I’ve known Fi Phillips professionally since 2017 and during that time, Fi has provided freelance writing and social media services to my business, Vi-VA, and the related training programme, My VA Business.

I find Fi to be personable and always willing to research new subject areas to inform her work for me. She makes the time to fully discuss my copy and content writing projects, and to familiarise herself with not only the needs of each individual job but also the way I like to work.

She is social media friendly and aware, keeping her knowledge up to date so that I can rely on her to advise me on the best and appropriate approach for my business.

She has been especially helpful in providing material for my VA training programme and continuing to publicise the brand on social media.

I would fully recommend Fi to any small or medium business who needs help with their content and social media provision.

Sarah Rugg, Vi-VA and My VA Business