Independent Publishers

Why should you pay me to write your copy when you can write it yourself? That’s the question you’re probably asking yourself. Well, I’ll tell you.

As you already know, the publishing process is immense, involved and lengthy.

You probably have a smaller team than the ‘Big’ book publishers like HarperCollins and Penguin Random House, and however enthusiastic your team may be, however much you love your authors and their books, there’s only so far you can stretch yourselves across your publishing business.

You probably work in publishing because you love books. You may even be a writer yourself. But when you have to continually come up with new content – blog posts and social media posts, for instance – to promote your authors, build each of them a following and, let’s face it, sell books, it can all begin to take the fun out of writing.

I’m an author myself, published by an independent publisher just like you. I get it.

It may be that you’re happy to write blog posts about book covers, author news, book releases and all that exciting stuff, but what about during the quiet times between releases? I can provide blog posts that appeal to your readership and are relevant to your business but aren’t necessarily linked to the release of a novel or some other key event.

Equally, I can provide a social media service to promote your business, drive traffic to your authors’ websites, build your following and ultimately, sell your books.

What next?

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