Have you ever wondered whether landing pages or blog posts are the better choice for getting eyes on your business? Maybe you use both as a double online whammy but you’re not entirely sure why or how each type of content can serve you. Or maybe you haven’t even considered using landing pages or blog posts because you think that simply having a website is enough.

Landing pages and blog posts can both help your business in their own way, whether it’s growing your email list, increasing sales, or building your reputation as a trusted expert in your field. Let’s start with a look at what they are and how they can benefit your business.

What is a landing page and what are the benefits?

A landing page is designed to persuade visitors to take a specific action, such as signing up for your newsletter, downloading a freebie, or buying a product or service. A landing page will always include a CTA (call to action), that is, a phrase or sentence that motivates the reader to click on a button or a link, fill in a form, or do something else.

Landing pages can benefit your business by:

  • capturing leads and growing your email list by offering something valuable in exchange for contact information
  • generating sales by presenting a compelling offer and a clear call to action
  • measuring and optimizing your marketing campaigns by tracking and testing different elements of your landing page

Landing pages are powerful tools that can help you achieve your business goals, whether it’s to grow your email list, increase your sales, or improve your marketing performance. But they aren’t the only type of web content that can benefit your business.

Let’s talk about blog posts next and how they can help you attract, educate, and engage your audience.

What is a blog post and what are the benefits?

A blog post provides information, insights, opinions, or stories that are of interest to your customers and audience. CTAs are just as essential in blog posts as they are in landing pages.

Blog posts can benefit your business by:

  • attracting organic traffic from search engines and social media
  • building trust and authority with your audience by showcasing your expertise and value
  • educating your audience about your products, services, or industry

For more information on how useful blog posts can be read 7 reasons to have a business blog and More reasons to have a business blog.

How to choose the right type of web content for your goals

Now that you know what benefits landing pages and blog posts can bring to your business, how do you decide which is the right type of content to use on your website?

The first step is to identify your business goals and find out how they relate to your website objectives. Your business goals are the long term results that you want your business to achieve. Your website objectives are the specific actions that you want your website visitors to take. For example, you want to increase your revenue (business goal), so your website objective is to generate more sales of your services or products.

Second, identify what your audience’s needs and expectations are, and then align your website objectives with those needs and expectations. For example, your customers and audience want information about your industry, so you provide blog posts that answer their questions.

Finally, match the right type of web content to your objectives and audience. For example, if you want to capture leads and grow your mailing list, landing pages that offer a relevant freebie would be a good fit. If you want to build trust and your reputation as an expert in your field, create blog posts that feature case studies.


Both blog posts and landing pages have their benefits and purposes. Blog posts can help you attract organic traffic, build trust and authority, and answer audience questions. Landing pages can help you capture leads, generate sales, and grow your mailing list. Often, the best strategy is to use both types of web content for your business goals, but that’s another blog post entirely. Find it here next month.

If you need help creating landing pages or blog posts that benefit your business, get in touch. I’m a freelance copywriter working with small to medium businesses on blog posts, web articles, and landing pages. Email me at fiona@fiphillipscopywriter.com

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