Be honest. Have you considered using an AI like Chat GPT or Bing to write your blog posts, website content, or emails? Even if it was just a passing, niggling thought? Don’t worry. I’m not offended. I’m a business owner myself. I totally understand the need to spend time and money effectively. And that’s the key to understanding why human copywriters are still better than AI at creating business content.

While AI models are improving year on year, we human wordsmiths still have the upper hand when it comes to writing business copy that works hard for your money. Here’s why:

Human interaction and relationship building

You can query an AI with all kinds of prompts, and even narrow down its reply by adding more questions and responses. But that isn’t the same as having a good chat with an actual human being.

When you talk to a human copywriter, you bring together your industry knowledge and their wordy expertise. That combination of perspectives will often spark new ideas that neither of you would have dreamt up on your own or with the help of Chat GPT.

It also builds a relationship that you can rely on to have your back and understand your business.

AI tells fibs

Honest. This phenomenon is called ‘AI hallucination’. AI is designed to provide an answer, even if that answer is incorrect. The hallucination may be caused by limited data about a topic, biased data, or a vague or biased prompt. I’m sure there are other reasons too.

For instance, I’m an author as well as a copywriter, and in the early days of Chat GPT I asked it to outline the plot of my novel, Haven Wakes, and tell me about the characters. That exact information isn’t available online, so it came up with a storyline and cast of characters that were completely made up.

You can ask AI all kinds of questions, but because of its potential to give an incorrect answer, it’s important that you take time to fact-check what it tells you. On the other hand, a human copywriter will already have checked for the authenticity of any information they use or quote.

Innovative thinking replaces more of the same

When you query AI, it bases its answers on what data it has access to and the patterns it draws from that data. So if you ask it to write a blog post about how to find your ideal client, it will provide you with advice that already exists. Often, it will be a generalised answer drawn from several sources.

While a human copywriter may find those sources too, we can use our research, our expertise, and your knowledge and perspective to create something with an original slant that is perfect for your audience.

Getting to know you

AI can answer your prompts and questions. It can even develop its responses as you add more questions in a seeming conversation. What it can’t do is get to know your business in the way that a human copywriter can. That means:

  • your values and aims
  • your voice
  • your brand’s developing needs
  • your audience, both current and potential
  • how current events affect your business and industry

Right now, this is too complicated an ask for AI. Human brains (and copywriters) win hands-up when it comes to developing a deep understanding of you and your business.


There has always been a thought that robots, automation, and AI will replace certain human roles. It’s a fear that will probably never go away. Look at films and TV tales like Terminator, I Robot, and Humans. Personally, I think AI should be approached as a tool, instead of a threat or a replacement. It’s just one more way that human copywriters can provide a marvellous service for people like you.

If you think we could work together to create blog posts and landing pages for your business, drop me an email and let’s chat.