I’ve always been an avid wordie. From writing stories as a child, to taking a literature degree, and building a career as a published author, getting the words out of my head and onto the page has shaped my identity.

I work as a freelance copywriter for small to medium businesses, covering a wide range of subjects including self-employment, trading, marketing, legal topics for a non-legal audience, consumer issues, and self-care. For the last few years, I’ve specialised in writing about careers and employment. But I’m not simply a copywriter.

In 2019, I turned my dream into a reality when my debut novel was released by indie publisher, Burning Chair. In 2022, my first novel, Haven Wakes, was joined by a second, Magic Bound. Book three of the series is on the way.

While I continue to enjoy writing about careers and employment, one other sector is close to my heart: the book industry. This blog post is my call to independent publishers, literary agents, and bookshops. If you need copywriting assistance, I’m here to help.

Why would you work with me as a copywriter?

That’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask. Why me over other copywriters? Why me over your own writing skills? Let me explain.

I’m not new to this writing malarkey

I’ve been a freelance copywriter for over six years, working for small to medium businesses in the UK. I specialise in blog posts and landing pages, but I’ve worked on a wide range of copy formats over the years, including social media posts, newsletters, and emails.

I’m also a published author and a playwright, so my writing experience goes beyond copywriting. I’ve written blog posts for clients, and as a copywriter, author, and playwright, for over twenty years.

I’m a business owner too

That means I understand how many hats a small to medium business owner has to wear and the challenge of doing it all. I also understand how a well-written blog and consistent online presence can bring new readers to your website.

You’re obviously a lover of books. You may even be a writer yourself. But when you continually have to create new content, it can take the fun out of writing. Why not pass that burden to a fellow book-lover (like me)?

I love to learn

I’ve written about a wide range of topics over the years, including life as an author. I’ve been able to do that because I enjoy discovering new topics. I’ve polished my research skills to the point that I’ve become a quick and enthusiastic learner.

And once I’m familiar with a subject or industry, I’m happy to keep an ear out for relevant trends and news. That means I can suggest ideas for blog and social media posts in addition to the copy you ask me to write.

I’m a published author

I’m a published author, so I already have one foot in your industry. And like any author, I’m used to marketing myself and my books through blog posts, social media, and email. That means I’m familiar with the paths that the book industry regularly tread to reach new and known readers.


If you’re an independent publisher, bookshop, or literary agent who needs help with blog posts, web copy, social media, emails, or anything else, please do get in touch. Email me at fiona@fiphillipcopwriter.com. Let’s get talking.