As a small business owner, you can often become so head-down involved in running your business and – let’s face it – probably doing everything yourself, that it can be a tad scary to consider handing over any of that responsibility.

You do your own invoicing and accounts. You market your business and show up on social media. You network to find new leads. You do the filing, update your computer software, and sort out your website. Phew! That’s a lot of jobs to do all on your own.

When it comes to the words:

  • your social media posts
  • your mailing list emails
  • your website
  • your blog posts
  • your sales pages

it can seem easier to do it yourself. Or not do it at all and just assume that you don’t really need that stuff.

Working with a freelance copywriter can seem a scary prospect. You don’t know us. We don’t know you. What if it doesn’t work out? In fact, if you really drill down, there are five main fears that might stop you from using a freelance copywriter:

It’s too expensive to hire a copywriter

This is the first mental hurdle you need to struggle your way over – the extra expense of paying a copywriter to write the words for your business. Yes, you will have to find the money to pay us, but in the long run we can actually save you time and make you money.

First, we save you time by taking that responsibility away from you. You don’t have to spend hours mulling over what blog articles or social media posts will serve your business and writing them. We can do that instead and you can spend that time on your customers.

Second, we can create copy, be that a sales page or the wording on your website, that brings in new leads and establishes you as an expert in your field. We can make you money.

A copywriter won’t understand your business

Beyond the writing, a copywriter’s greatest skill is learning quickly. This means that in discussion with you, we can get to know you, your business, your values, your customers, and your copywriting needs in a relatively short amount of time.

Tell us where you want to take your business and we’ll happily jump on board.

A copywriter doesn’t work in your industry

Actually, there are plenty of copywriters who specialise in particular industries, for instance, IT and tech, healthcare, or retail. Equally, there are copywriters like me who specialise in a kind of copywriting, such as adverts or blog posts, across multiple industries.

Remember when I said that copywriters learn quick? Well, that goes for your industry too. This is the reason that I’ve managed to write about such a diverse range of topics, from legal matters for a non-legal audience, to trading stocks and shares, to careers advice and job-seeking tips.

I’ll say it again. Copywriters learn quick.

You don’t know what you want so how can a copywriter know?

As a copywriter, it’s an absolute joy when a customer knows exactly what they want but if you only have a vague idea or no idea at all, that’s fine. We can talk it over with you – whether that’s in person, on the phone or video call, or by email. In fact, having a fresh set of eyes (ours) on your business and where you want to take it may open up copy-possibilities you hadn’t even considered.

You don’t want to ask for help

I totally understand this fear. You want to be seen as a successful business-person who can do it all while balancing a home-life and your mental well-being on matching plates. But here’s the thing.

You are good at what you do, be that coaching other business-owners, creating fabulous floral creations, or developing websites. You really are top-notch, cream of the crop, or whatever other mark of quality you like to use. But very few people are good at everything and even if they are, where’s the time to get it all done?

Concentrate on what you do best, and enjoy doing, and let us copywriting folk take the word-magic off your plate. Copywriters are a friendly lot. We don’t bite, honest.


If all of this has calmed your fears and you’d like to hand over your blog posts to an enthusiastic copywriter, get in touch. Drop me an email at and let’s have a chat.

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