Like many self employed people during the 2020 lockdown, I decided that I would diversify my business and try my hand at something new for ‘someone’ new.

I could offer a social media consulation service, as well as plain old social media post writing. I could write for independent publishers and authors, as well as SMEs and marketing agencies. I could… Well, you get the gist. I updated my website with my new offering and sat back.

And do you know what? I got a fair amount of interest. I even took on some work (and thankfully got paid for it too).

Here’s the ‘but’. I felt scattered. We’re told so often that the way for freelancers to guarantee a regular, reliable income is to diversify, to have a range of income sources. The thing is, I already had that in addition to Fi Phillips Copywriter. I’m a published author, which in turn, demands a slice of my time.

So this month, I made the decision to cut back my copywriting offering to what (a) I enjoy doing, (b) I feel confident to provide, and (c) I can fit into my working week. What you can expect from me in 2021 is:

  • an article/blog writing service for SMEs and marketing agencies
  • free copywriting advice both for businesses and authors via my social media channels
  • two monthly blog posts: one for SMEs and one for authors, starting in June

That isn’t the end of the developments though. I currently have a mailing list – you can find the sign-up box on any page of my website – but this provides a limited offering of blog post notifications only. Later this year, you can expect that to develop into a full-blown newsletter called Fi’s Content Catch-Up. More on that in the months to come.

So yeah, this is the new ‘content creator’ me. Hi. Pleased to meet you.